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The name of the blog is Salish Sea.

Upper Klinaklini River Saved!

The upper Klinaklini River is part of the protected area included in the Central and North Coast LRMP. For those of us who care about the stunning land values in the Chilcotin, the Premier's announcement on 2006Feb07 was wonderful news. Congratulations to everyone who worked to bring agreement and peace to this whole magnificent region of British Columbia!

Where is the Klinaklini? This is the watershed that drains the Chilcotin Plateau to the north and west of the Waddington Range. It flows into Knight Inlet. The lower Klinaklini had been roaded and logged as far north as the Canyon. The whole northern Klinaklini is very remote, largely untraveled, and is brimming with outstanding biodiversity values. Here are some maps (large images):

The whole area included in the agreement
The Klinaklini River
The Klinaklini River from Canyon to Inlet

Haberl Hut Construction

Click the image below to see the photo essay
Haberl Hut
In August 2005 we spent 4 days installing windows on this hut.
The hut is an amazing project.
Its built on a mountain col
about 6,000' above sea level.
Click the image to see my photos.
Keep clicking on prev to go to the next image in the series.
(Yes, I know that it seems backward.)
Scroll down to See different sizes on the right to go to a page with a larger image.
Click Jim Haberl Fund for information about this wonderful organization.
This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called Haberl Hut on the Serratus/Dionne Col - 2005 August. Make your own badge here.

sourdough bread with SanFrancisco style crosshatch

The Bowen Island Sourdough Project

Mars over Bowen

How To Plot GPS Data on Topo Maps

To answer the question about how we plot and display GPS data
here is a short tutorial.

Tatlayoko Lake Trip

In the summer of 2003 We took a vacation to the region around Tatlayoko Lake on the Homathko River.
Here are a few pictures.

Spring Ski above Railroad Pass

On June 8, 2003, we found some snow for skiing above Railroad Pass on the Hurley River Road. This is the day that Robert snapped off the toepiece of his G3 Telemark binding while turning on a 35 degree slope.

Cloudburst Mountain 2003 May 18

Many people thought this was a poor year for snow. It seems that a fair amount arrived in the high country late in the season.

These are a few snapshots to show what we found up on Cloudburst at the end of May 2003.

Resources for Returning to Cloudburst

We learned this route from Mike Peel; and I believe it is the only 'easy' way up. The story and a bigger map is here at (please register with this very worthy mountain resource). The computer work is done on a Macintosh using a capable and versatile program, MacGPS Pro.

This material is being posted to assist friends and backcountry skiers with trip planning. Cloudburst Mountain is a hill near Squamish with a huge snowy alpine offering many slopes and chutes. We think it is worthy of more of our time. The NW Ridge Route, recommended here, is approached from the Whistler Highway. Be warned that this trip begins by skiing or walking the gently rising 8 kilometer Chance Creek Forest Service Road before heading up Cloudburst. In the winter this road is used by snow cats taking clients to Tricouni, as well as by many snowmobilers. As a result of some agreements, no machines use Cloudburst.

One of our plans is to build one or more igloos up there so that we can return for the night carrying only a day pack. We have that clever gadget from Grandshelters to make stable, long lasting, large (or small) igloos. Drop me an email if you are interested in any of this, to: ski [at sign] and put 'Cloudburst' in the Subject field.

Click the map to enlarge. The scale is at the bottom. There are probably more waypoints than you need, but the line was taken in the forest where the GPS had some trouble seeing its satellites. The overall route is good, but the some points might be off by 50 meters or so. The grey grid is part of the calibration of the map, and you can see how closely it fits on the blue lines of the topo map. Email ski [at sign] if you would like the GPS data points as an Excel file.
Since this information was collected, we've followed this GPS route several times. It is really easy to turn on the GPS as we are skiing up or down, and see if our line is at least parallel to the GPS route; and keep going. This is using the ROUTE feature on the GPS receiver, not the GO TO WAYPOINT function. We like all those data points! And it is really easy to pop them on the computer map and upload the route to the GPS receiver (and a horrible pain if you try to enter the points manually with the buttons on an eTrex receiver).

In 2001 we were very lucky to be offered a trip to the divide (first waypoint) by Powder Mountain Snowcats. They see their business as supportive of backcountry skiers and riders, and wish to distinguish their operation from the snowmobilers. The cat was on its way up Tricouni.

As we climbed the outstanding Cloudburst alpine slopes, Nile Cole took this picture looking North to Tricouni Mountain.

Island Pacific School Hosts Quebec Students

Here are a few grainy pictures of the spectacular wind-up event

Dreaming Teaming Scheming Screaming

Creating Successful Projects

   Notes from a Themed Attraction Association workshop
   presented as part of the B.C. Museums Association Annual Conference
   October 25, 2002, Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver, B.C.

For a list of participants and complete electronic flipcharts
Click Here

Brandywine Mountain Hike

On July 31, 2002, three of us hiked up to Brandywine Meadows, and then to the summit.
This is one of my favourite hikes on the Whistler Corridor - Squamish River divide.

Here are a few pictures

Chilcotin Ski Trip

It took one of the warmest days of the summer to motivate me to post this page of winter pictures.

In January of 2002 five of us spent five days skiing in the Chilcotin... here are a few pictures.

Tir na nOg at Bowfest 2001

pictures of Bowfest on Bowen Island

Bowfest is a major annual event in the life of Bowen Islanders. Tir na nOg Theatre School is proud to participate in the Parade and to build and run the burger stand next to the pub on the festival site. Many volunteers contribute countless hours to this project as part of the fund raising activites to support the theatre school. This year the weather turned wonderful - after a very wet week - and the food sales actually exceeded last year.

Please click here to see our snap shots of the event.
(They are photographs and may take a while to load)

And many thanks to everyone who contributed!

Last year's pictures are still here (somwhere below on this page). If you want distant relatives to see any of these images, email them soon because they may vanish as we need more room at this site.

Mount Sheer

This section has some pictures taken on August 18, when a group of us visited Mount Sheer.

Locomotive Mountain

The elevation of Railroad Pass is about 4500 feet in the mountains northwest of Pemberton. On May 11 four of us skied west up the gorge of Railroad Creek, across the lake at its headwaters and set up camp at 5500' in the valley below Locomotive Mountain. To ski Locomotive we skinned up the valley to the left of the mountain, and approached the peak by a steep narrow ramp from the south. Klaus Haring was the first on top. Although it was nippy at 7800', the seed potato farms were enjoying a warm spring day on the floor of the Lillooet Valley (about 900'). Milton McCrystal and Julian Lash arrive at the summit. My fingers are becoming numb, but Julian looks like he is at the beach. And Klaus took a snap of the three of us, and then I included him. We left the top at 6:15 pm. The trip down was a hour of truly memorable skiing. This morning picture of Milt shows the hills to the north. The slope behind my head avalanched almost constantly, and noisily, with morning sunlight. From the ridge to the southeast of our campsite we saw a beautiful mountain. This is the Tenquille/Goat massif, and Goat, on the right, is 8100'. I read that this is a recommended destination, so we plan to go there. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

GPS Track on Hollyburn Ridge

Here (as requested) are a couple of topo maps of Hollyburn Ridge
that have been modified to show a GPS ski track up the Hiker's Route
and down the commercial cross-country ski area.

Since this area is serviced by a ploughed road and is just up the hill from the ferry berths, when I cannot travel to the interior to ski I head up to the top of Hollyburn. The section above the Water Boards is lovely. The first ski there this season was on December 8th and we were pleasantly surprised by lots of new snow.

Dreaming, Theming & Teaming, Scheming and Screaming

TAABC Workshop 2001 February 16

On February 16 the Themed Attraction Association of BC held a workshop to explore project development.
It was called Dreaming, Theming & Teaming, Scheming and Screaming.
The content was captured with an electronic flipcharts.

To review the eCharts, click on the headings below. Use your back button to return here.

Theming & Teaming
Action Plans of the participants (yes we mention names)
Concluding Remarks

The participants in this event are members of the
Themed Attraction Association of British Columbia.
To find out more about this organization,
and to review a web page on each of its members,
click on this link to TAABC.
The committee responsible for organizing this event:
Jennifer Webb, co-chair
David James, co-chair
Ian C. McLennan
Pauline Thompson
David Jensen

Sponsors Contributing to the Success of this Event:
Commercial Electronics
Vancouver Museum
Museum of Anthropology
Ballantyne & Associates

First Backcountry Ski of the 2000-2001 Season

The horrific stories about the avalanche danger this year, and the generally poor snow conditions, meant that we were slow to begin the ski season. Neil Cole (with his digital camera) and Robert Ballantyne skied the meadows above Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park on 2001 January 10. A foot of fresh powder had fallen the night before and the air was just cold enough to keep it fluffy. It doesn't get any better. Wish you were there!

At the parking lot there was only a couple of inches of new snow, so parking was easy, and we could ski up the trail right from the car. Even with a school group camping near Red Heather, there was hardly anyone on the hills. You probably know this route through the meadows. Because of the avy danger we didn't ski the bowls beyond this view of Atwell Peak. Here is where we skied our first pitch. The peaks across the valley are called the Tantalus; can you see why? Look, he is not falling. Even the views of Squamish and Howe Sound were worth stopping on the ski out.

Mount Callaghan

For four years Milton McCrystal and Robert Ballantyne have been hiking around Mount Callaghan trying to make the top. We did on 2000 October 5

Click here read about Mount Callaghan and to see a few pictures.

IPS 2000

The International Planetarium Society held its conference at the Planétarium de Montréal from July 9 to 13, 2000. Robert Ballantyne began his 20-year planetarium career as a charter member of the stable of lecturers at that planetarium, back in 1966. He attended the conference and took a few snapshots. If you have pictures taken at the conference, and posted at your website, we would be pleased to provide a link to your page. Please send an email to

Click here to see a few pictures taken at IPS 2000.

Tir-Na-Nog at Bowfest

Many Thanks to all of the enthusiastic folks who made the Tir-Na-Nog Hamburger Stand at Bowfest a huge success.
These links lead to a few pictures of the day. Use your back button to return here to see more pictures.

Tir-Na-Nog Marches in the Bowfest Parade,
Marching Through the Intersection,
Applause for Tir-Na-Nog,
Tir-Na-Nog on Parade,
Parade and Snug Cove,
Happiness is a Burger,
Burger Stand at Bowfest,
Ticket Sales,
View From the Pub,
Fries With Your Burger?
Bowfest and Mountains,
The Postcard, We Live Here!
Doug's Calling,
The Hamburger Table,
Chips, Drinks, Sweets,
Everyone Washes,
Burgers Please,
Onions Please,
You're a Mainlander,
Hot Grill,
Milt Flips,
Recognize Your Cooler?

Some School Resources

Both young members of the Ballantyne family attended Bowen Island's junior high:
Island Pacific School.

Two members of the family are involved with
SelfDesign / Wondertree.

One of the members of the family takes classes with the
Penrhyn Academy of Music on Bowen.

The following are some personal music exercises. The material is produced by the amazing software, Melody Assistant, developed by these people. The software is not expensive, it is high quality, and the developers are responsive to their clients. Highly recommended!

Music File
Singing Exercises

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