Step 1 - Introduction


You think you need an answer

You really need to develop a skill with a process

If your business, or the affairs in your life, is experiencing development and growth (and it should!), you are often faced with difficult decisions. Your actions will have long reaching consequences, and will affect the lives of others. Sometimes the pressure of having to act forces us to make a decision that we may regret. Sometimes this pressure causes us to waver and miss an opportunity.

To give you confidence in your actions, you need a process that will lead you to making a better decision. Well, here it is.

Scan the exercises in any order that you like to develop a sense of the process. When you are ready to apply the process to making a decision, I suggest that you run through the pages in the numbered order. The only reason for doing that is to ensure that you don't miss something.

If you find something difficult, resist the temptation to pass over that point. This is where a trusted consultant might help you. Since you are on your own, you will have to decide to be persistent.

To find out more about this process, the information is on page 10.

If you are ready, please proceed to page 2 or use the buttons at the top of the page.


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